Monday's Miscellany is a daily deal site à la Gilt, targeting design aficionados. Launched less than two weeks ago, it truly is fab. Beautifully executed--naturally--it features a great mix of small items and serious investment pieces by household name and emerging designers, as well as small, regional artisans. Upcoming sales include mod furniture from Objeti, hand crafted New Moon rugs from Nepal and super-glam chandeliers from Avenue Lighting.

The other reason that the company is fab is that CEO and founder, Jason Goldberg, is an active practitioner of transparent management, and his blog posts, both pre- and post-launch, are a terrific companion guide to the site. They provide insight into the behind the scenes ins and outs of launching a start-up from a CEO who is clearly interested not only in building a great product but also a great company--and, so far, is hitting the ball out of the park.

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Promote Peace

If you are a film, television or documentary producer with projects in far flung corners of the globe and you don't yet know about the UN's Creative Community Outreach Initiative (CCOI), you should. This tiny but effective four person team provides creatives with access to UN facilities, film and photo archives, experts and even field resources and contacts via the UN's offices around the world.

Established by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in 2009, Ban recognized the benefits that might accrue to the UN from proactively reaching out to those most passionate about storytelling. Introduce them to a trove of untold human interest narratives, capture their imagination, help them to accomplish their professional goals successfully, and thereby further the UN's own--to promote peace and a better future. It was a savvy move from a big bureaucracy, very much in keeping with the times, reflecting a fresh, collaborative mindset--in strong contrast to the No Trespassing stance the UN has historically held toward the entertainment industry.

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